That time I flew with an infant & lived to tell the tale.

 Sweater: c/o Oasap, Cords: Borrowed from S (I think they are Old Navy), Boots: UrbanOG 24.99

As you may be able to deduce from looking at the above photos, this outfit was worn on the day of a blizzard while I was in Utah. However, as S mentioned earlier in the week, I returned home to Pennsylvania on Monday, leaving my family, friends, and beloved Cafe Rio behind. And while I am a little blue today over being so far from them again, I could not be more relieved that I am done with flying solo with an 8-month-old wild-child across the country.

You see, I did not like it. I do not recommend. If I were playing "Would you rather?" with someone and they said "Would you rather eat a pie filled with nuts and bolts or fly alone on a packed plane with a wild 8-month old across the country?", I would get out the whipped cream, if you know what I'm sayin.

However, I know people often look to blogs to come to their aid in this kind of scenario, and now that I have done it and am very wise, I feel that I must give my insight for those who may find themselves in my same shoes. I hereby divulge my tips for flying solo with a mobile infant:

A. Don't. Just wait to fly when they are 5 and like to watch movies. (If this is not an option, see B & C.)
B. Hire someone to come with you. Then, when your child acts up, pretend the kid is not yours. Maybe even pack an eye mask and pretend you are asleep when they start to scream. Should you choose this route, you might as well pack earplugs while your at it.
C. Drive.

Ok. Maybe I'm being slightly dramatic. I would probably choose to fly alone with him again over the whole pie-filled-with-metal thing, if I had to. I mean, he did only throw one passenger's iPad on the ground, and the coffee he spilled on another passenger did mostly land on SkyMall magazine, so I guess it was really no big deal.

So, what I'm trying to say is, if you want to see me and my wild-child ever again, you better plan to come to me. You'll like it. Pennsylvania is lovely. Can't wait for your visit.

ox. W.