Strike a Pose.

You guys, can I be real with you right now?

So, listen. I know you might find this, like, way shocking, but, I'm not a model. I know, you had no idea. You see, as it turns out, I'm 5' 3' and I love waffle fries. Also, while I like clothes and getting dressed, it's just, not being a model and all, I don't know how to show you what I am wearing in an modely way.

What I'm trying to say is, I don't know how the heck to pose.

For example, in an outfit I wore over the weekend, I really thought I gave the camera my best Giselle, but, then, after loading them on my computer, it's clear that it's just not good.

I give you exhibit A: The toy soldier:

And, Exhibit B: The girl who holds her arm cause she's so very coy, or shy, or self conscious of her elbow? 

And...Exhibit C: The girl who pops her hip, randomly, out on the sidewalk, cause that's normal: 

Blouse: TJMaxx 8.99, Sweatshirt: TJMaxx: 14.99, Pants: Kohls 13.99, Boots: UrbanOG 24.99

So, I'm no Tyra Banks. So what? I have other good qualities, like, you know how I mentioned waffle fries before? I can eat a lot of those. A lot. But really, like, A LOT. So ya, my resume is busting at the seams.