Red and Leopard.

 Top: c/o Oasap, Skirt + Belt: ROSS 7.99, Tights: Target 4.99, Shoes: ROSS

Everywhere I turn people are sick. And when I say everywhere, I mean social media. And when I say turn, I mean when I use my thumb to switch from Instagram to Facebook.

Nonetheless, everyone is talking about the cold or flu that they, their significant other, or their offspring is currently being plagued with, and over the past few weeks I very smugly pitied my poor, bedridden, online friends, while I healthfully got my life on. That is, until yesterday, when I woke up to signs that I had contracted one of their maladies. Now, as I lay here mourning the loss of my health, elbow deep in tissues and Mucinex, I feel it is only right to post this red and leopard outfit today, one that is so full of life and vitality, as a reminder of my former self, the one whose sinuses had not turned against them with extreme hostility.

So ya. I'm sick. And I miss you, clothes that aren't sweatpants, voice that doesn't sound like an old man, and face that doesn't hurt all over. I miss you. Come back to me soon, I beg of you, and we can wear red and leopard and be so happy together. And we can celebrate being alive by doing things like getting off our deathbed and going grocery shopping, or doing things that live people do.

So, if you're reading this, and you're sick too, we're gonna get through this. And we'll live to wear red and leopard another day. But until then, I gotta go back to bed. My head is killing me. Kthxbye.