Leather and Leggings and Necklaces and Boots.

jacket: co/SheInside | blouse: H&M $12 | necklace: Rue21 $8 | 
leggings: Kohls $13 | boots: Call It Spring $48

Did ya'll watch the Golden Globes last night? I did. Well, first I watched the red carpet and judged everyone for their bad choices because for reals people, you are bajillionaires, you don't have an excuse for wearing a cracked-out dress and having fly-aways, ya know? THEN I watched the Globes in the which I also judged the stars who were unlikable onstage, because they are actors, so can't they just ACT likable? I don't get it. Also, can someone explain what Jodie Foster did? Anyone?

So, in honor of the Globes, I am wearing a solid day-after-an-award-show-outfit. Pry the one, someone cool, like, ya know, Jennifer Lawrence, would probably wear as she heads out after a night of partying with Ben Affleck. I mean, you know she'll pry put on her leather jacket and leggings and necklaces and boots and go to lunch with her girlfriends and dish about how Halle Berry really doesn't look that good up close (she can't possibly, right?), and how Taylor Swift was way ticked she didn't win and went around throwing centerpieces and stuff, and how, when it got way late, Christian Bale broke out into an impromptu performance of "Sante Fe" from Newsies, and it was AWESOME.

So ya, that's what I'm wearing today.
What are you wearing?