JSYK: Colorful Statement Necklaces Under $8!

It's a NEW YEAR! And, as you can see, when I mention the new year, I put it in caps. I did this because I'm not sure how much I care or how excited I am, but it seems like something you do when it is a new year, and everyone is real excited about it. Thus, the caps. Very exciting.

I am now probably supposed to also say something like "Bring it on, 2013!" So there, I did that, too. However, while I will use the obligatory new year jargon, one thing that is won't do in 2013 is stop letting you know about the major deals we come across on CUTE stuff. So bye-bye, 2012, we liked you and everything, but we can tell 2013 is gonna be a good one. Wanna know how? Take a look:

YEP. These GORG resin and rhinestone statement necklaces we found are only $7.85 + free shipping! They are available in loooots of fun colors, would take any outfit up a sass level, and you can find them HERE. Can you believe?

So, ya, like I said, 2013 l is gonna be good and CUTE. Real cute.

ox. W + S