JSYK: Colorful Bags under $11

On Monday I was listening to some commentators discuss the fashion of the First Lady and her daughters at the inauguration. They were going on and on about how great it was that Mrs. Obama would wear a JCrew belt and the girls would wear such "low-end clothing like JCrew and Kate Spade," and how clothes from Kate Spade are what "normal Americans wear." Hearing that threw me into a fit of rage which nearly caused me to take off my ACTUALLY low-end boot from ROSS and beat my TV with it. 

Since when was a Kate Spade dress for $478 low-end? The only time $478 is low-end to me is if we are talking about how that is the cost of the rent for my apartment. THE PLACE WHERE I LIVE. For reals, news people? You want low-end? I'll give it to you, baby. Check out these sassy and colorful pleather totebags we found for under $11:

Cute, right? Find them HERE!
Who needs Kate Spade, anyway? (Ok, me. I do. If it was really "low-end" I would bathe myself in her crap. Sue me.)


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