Remember that day in 6th grade, when your teacher would stand up in front of the class in her denim jumper with the embroidered apples on it and would smile and say, "Ok, boys and girls! Today we are going to do some housekeeping!", and everybody would groan because it meant talking about a bunch of boring stuff, like when your book report would be due, and reminders about the rules about taking the hall pass? LAME. The only silver lining was that MAYBE she would tell you to organize your desks and MAYBE you would get to clean them with shaving cream, and in that case, housekeeping would turn into the best. day. ever. 

Well, boys and girls, today we are going to do some housekeeping! Yes. I hear your groans, but this is a part of life. We've known that since 6th grade. Let's just get through it. 

1. We've felt a little bit of pressure lately about showing are faces, and I'll tell you something...we're considering it. Here's the thing though, we're way scared, and we're just not sure. But, we live to please, so will you cast your votes in the comments? Face or no face? Give it to us. 

2. Speaking of comments, we love them. We read them. AND if you leave them, we respond to them in the comments. So make sure you check back if you leave a comment, cuz we love to chat. 

3. What do you like seeing on this blog? JSYK? Pinned/Tried/Loved It? Just outfits? Five Things? Recipes? Arts and Crafts? The Way We Live? What do you NOT like seeing? Don't be scared, give it up. 

4. You've made it! Housekeeping is over. Now on to the shaving-cream-desk-cleaning portion of the post, this top from the one of the coolest little shops, PB&J boutique. We recommend you visit, you will find some of the most unique pieces you'll find anywhere. Look how cute: 

blouse: c/o PB&J Boutique | jeans: Old Navy $19 | booties: $29 | watch: Target $15

Happy Housekeeping, friends! 
We'll see you in the comments!

ox/W & S