Red Legs.

 Blouse: Thrifted $3, Sweater: F21 8.99, Skirt: ROSS $9.99, Tights: Target 4.99, Shoes: ROSS $12.99

Well, dear readers, as S mentioned on Monday, after a hearty dose of Xanex and a heck of a lot of prayer, (7 mo. old!) baby R and I survived our travels from Pennsylvania to lovely, snow-covered Utah for the holiday festivities. You should know that we have already Cafe Rio-d it up, and after the joy of that reunion I can surely say, there's no place like home for the holidays.

However, there is lots to do and our time here is precious, therefore, you should know that this outfit picture was taken weeks ago and was actually the outfit on my little family's Christmas card. So, if you received that card, this outfit is now old news. If you did not, consider this your Christmas card. Merry Christmas from the W's.

Also, if you didn't receive the card you should not be offended. The reasons are two-fold:

1. Until now, I had never in my life sent a Christmas card and, as it turns out, there is not a manual for how or who they should go out to. Promise. I Googled. It's like, how do we learn how to do grown-up things such as holiday-card sending if there is not a manual to Google? How?

2. You should actually count your lucky stars that you didn't get one, since that meant you didn't have to deal with the subsequent guilt of feeling like you can't throw it away, so then you feel obligated to put it on your fridge, and then every time you go to get milk there's my red legs again right there in your face, and you're like "WHY CAN'T YOU RED LEGS LET ME EAT MY CHEERIO'S IN PEACE." Ya know?

So, you're welcome.And happy holidays from me and my red legs.
ox. W.