JSYK: Studded Leather Wrap Watches Under $8!

A couple of years ago I got the cuuuutest leather wrap watch from Anne Klein for around $60. I love it. It's gorg. But recently I came across these little wrap watches for $7.68 and NO shipping, so I thought, "What do I have to lose?" So I ordered one, and I'll tell you what I lost, my previous friendship with one Anne Klein.  I trusted her and her shiny $60 watches.But after receiving one of these $7 babies, I realized that our relationship just wasn't meant to be. Things change. People change.

What I'm trying to say is these $7 babies are BEYOND cute, REAL leather, and come in a bunch of fun colors. I am seriously obsessed. Take a look for yourself. Can you believe this deal? SO cute. Anne can go take a hike.

{Find them here}

And while only red, orange, and black are shown here, they also are available in brown, white, blue, and green. So GO. Get yourself a couple. You will LOVE.

ox. W.

Disclaimer: My watch took several days to come in the mail. If you are thinking of ordering for Christmas you should probably order today, and even then it may be cutting it close, so proceed with caution. Or just order with patience. Consider yourself disclaimed.