The Way We Live: S's Bedroom

Hi friends! You asked for it, so today it's time for round two of our The Way We Live series. I will begin with my usual disclaimer: I am not an interior designer. I'm no Martha Stewart. I have neither her skills, nor her bank account. So, let's just say that this is essentially a post about how we do the best we can to make our house a home. It's also a post about beds. Which, after putting this post together and staring at mine for the last 20 minutes, makes me want to do nothing but crawl in it. What a tease. Blogging can be such a cruel master. 

Now, introducing my bedroom:

Super affordable pillows and shams from Ross and TJ Maxx.

Wall art made by stapling clearance fabric on couponed (is that a word?) canvases.
I know... super complicated. NOT.

Gorgeous quilt handmade by my sweet and insanely talented grandmother.

A little collage made with thrifted frames, a monogram S, and some pictures and homemade prints.

DIY Earring Holder:
Step 1: Buy a lace runner on your honeymoon in Mexico
Step 2: Have it on your kitchen table for two years and spill Scentsy wax all over it
Step 3: Recover 1 ft x 1 ft remaining non wax-covered portion of runner
Step 4: Staple to a frame
Step 5: Hang your earrings on it
Yep. Rocket science. 

And here is where the magic happens... It's just that someday I'd like the magic
to happen in a closet that fits all my clothes. Oh, dreams. 

And, there you have it. A little sneak peak into the way I live, bedroom style.
Please feel free to come over and cuddle anytime. 

xo, S

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