The Crochet Diaries.

So, it's winter, and it's time to hunker down. As a result, I've decided I need to acquire a new indoor/winter skill to do amidst the hunkering, and Pinterest tells me that crochet is way cool, so I chose it. Upon making this decision, I naively headed to Michael's, picked up a crochet book, and started a-stichin with the intention of making a scarf. I'll spare you the long story about how it took me 2 days to crochet 3 inches, or how, once I got the hang of it I didn't pay attention to my stitches (apparently paying attention is important in the art of crochet) and my scarf turned into the shape of a fish...or just a horribly mis-shapened scarf. Instead I'll just show you the instagrammed evidence. 

I give you exhibit A, which, took me 3 days & fish-like B: 

So ya. It's safe to say that it's harder than it looks.
However, I am happy to report that I have gotten somewhat better, and am a regular crochetting-Grandma over here now. In fact, I will now show you a scarf I made. I am also wearing a (p)leather jacket. You know, to be both domestic and hardcore.

Jacket: c/o WendyBox, Blouse: Kohls 6.99, Jeans: Stole from S, Boots: ROSS 25.99


If you need me, I'll just be over here hanging out with my yarns. In my (p)leather, since, crocheting can be bad-to-the-bone. Right? Right? 

Oh forget it. I'm 67 now. Bring on the bi-focals, and pass the fruit cake. 

ox. W