A new job oufit

shirt: ROSS $12.99 | pants: Walmart (I know, right?) $12.88 | shoes: ROSS $16.49 | watch: Target $14.99

You guys. I got another new job. I know, I know. I'm making new job announcements as much as Katy Perry changes hair color {which, in case you haven't seen her movie, "Part of Me," like I have, is a lot. Glad I could clarify}. Sure, I seem like a total job-hopper, but I swear, that's not who I am. This time I had the most amazing opportunity at the most amazing company fall right into my lap and I had to take it. I just HAD to. And I am so happy I did, because things are really workin out. I'm sure you're pleased as punch to hear it. :) 

Anyway, this is what I wore on Tuesday, which was my first day. No, I didn't dress up like a super sexy police officer for the holiday, but I could have if I wanted to since there is no dress code in my new office. AWESOME, right? Told you, such a sweet new job.

Also, I think you should know that I have decided to start wearing watches. That way, when people want to know what time it is at my new job, I can tell them, and make friends. Also, you should know that the watches at Target right now are just too cute to not be a watch person. So, that's my watch story. 

Now, go ahead and dish. Did you dress up like a super sexy police officer yesterday?
I gotta know. We love to live vicariously. 
xo, S