Storm Warning.

Did you have a good week? 

We did. And maybe you're wondering what happened to us all week? Well, I can't believe we didn't mention it before, but S and I were reunited after a 3.5 month separation! She, along with her husband and my parents made the trek from west to east to visit me in my new home here in Pennsylvania. And I'll tell you, it was absolute HEAVEN. We shopped. We ate. We toured Amish Country. We cheered on Penn State Football. We cuddled. 

Then, after a week of bliss, last night we learned that their flights home to Utah were cancelled because of that moody little B, Hurricane Sandy. I was overjoyed because I thought it might mean some extra days staring into S's eyes, but instead, they ended up having to book a last minute flight out of Chicago, forcing them to hop in the car in the middle of the night to travel the 9 hours from my town in PA to catch their flight in Chicago. YUCK, ya know? 

So, now here I sit, elbow deep in a half-eaten pan of brownies, my heart as empty as the water-bottle shelves at Walmart (but really, those suckers are cleaned out! Like I said, Hurricane Sandy is a total B), with no plans but to drown my sorrows in pumpkin-based baked goods and reality TV while I wait out the storm outside and, ya know, inside. Of my heart. Cause I'm lonely now. Boo. 

Yep. A storm's a comin, and it seems fitting. Like, even though she is a total B, Hurricane Sandy gets me somehow, ya know? Why else would she come with all her dreary weather right after S, the love of my life, goes back to Utah? Just sayin. 

And, in related news, here's what I wore this weekend while S and I played our little hearts out, just before the rain started to poor on down: 

Blazer: F21 21.99, Necklace: Gift, Blouse: c/o Oasap, Jeans: ROSS 9.99, Booties: 29.00

So, bring it on Sandy. Nothing you've got could be as bad sending S back to Utah.

I've got my flashlights, my diet coke, and an iPad with so many Project Runway episodes on it I can watch it like it's my job. You don't scare me.

Also, S, COME BACK. I miss you already.
ox. W