Manic Monday.

Hi world. Meet my pantry doors!

Sure, they aren't sexy, but you know what, it's Monday and sometimes posing by pantry doors is the best we can do. Not everyone has an orchard, or a distressed building, or a street corner with a vintage lamp post to be photographed around on a Monday morning. In fact, most people have crying babies still in jammies, burning toast in the toaster, pouring rain outside, and a place they were supposed to be 7 minutes ago.

So judge me, you fancy fashion blogger, taking your outfit pics by a babbling brook with the perfect light from a pristene sunrise shining in the background. Can't say I don't hope you catch a stilleto on a twig and fall in pencil-skirt first.

Cardi: Target $19.99 Jeans: Target $11.99 Blouse: ROSS $8.99
Shoes: Thrifted $3.00 Bag: c/o Daily Frills

So, ya. I haven't had my Diet Coke yet this morning.
I surely didn't mean it when I said I wished you'd fall in the brook.
(Or, maybe only a little.)

Happy Monday, friends. Make it a good one, if you can!

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