The Way We Live: S's Family Room

Hello! Today I thought I would share a few pictures of my family room... where we spend the majority of our time computing, blogging, TVing, and hanging out. I definitely don't claim to be a decorator, we are pretty poor, and it's a small apartment, so thrift stores and spray paint are my friends, and I am all about DIY-ing pillows and decor. So here it is, a little glimpse into the way I live... family room style.

This end table and my coffee table were Pottery Barn that I found on craigslist for SUPER cheap and spray painted. MAJOR score. And that there bookshelf is from Walmart, people. Let's be real.

That end table I found at a thrift store for under $10 and used it initially as the cake stand for my wedding where I painted it bright green. After the wedding I painted it black. Cute right? 

That picture on the wall is a picture of a building at my beloved Utah State University, that I had blown up and framed, and all the pillows I made by hand. Yep. I'm soooo domestic.

So, that's that. We really like it here. It's warm and cozy, and it's our home.

Have a fantastic day!
xo, S

PS - Would you like more "The Way We Live" posts? Let us know, k?

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