Summer Whites.

{top: co/Oasap || pants: Kohls $17.50 || sandals : Old Navy $11.49}

Yeah, yeah, I know... Labor Day was a whole week ago, and I am wearing white pants still. However, since the weather here is still in the 80s, but is changing fast, I thought I would squeeze in one last wear and break that fashion rule. Also, E! News tells me that this year white jeans can be worn through the fall on the heels of the colored denim trend, and if E! News says it, then it's for sure true. I mean, I pretty much consider Giuliana Rancic to be my BFF, and her new son is pretty much my nephew, so if she says white pants in fall, then white pants it is. I just hope they don't tell me anytime soon that I gotta start wearing carpenter overalls or platform flip flops while drinking REGULAR Coke or something. That would really shake the foundation of my beliefs.

Anyways, like I was saying, we gotta enjoy these simple outfits while we can... soon its gonna be bodies hidden beneath layers and sweaters and scarves and claustrophobic feet trapped in boots and socks and tights.

Now, sound off: Are you happy or sad about the approaching cooler/cold weather? Do you have amorous feelings for Giuliana and/or her husband or offspring? Let us know :)

Happy Monday!
xo, S