New leaf...

{sweater: c/o DownEast Basics | boots: $32.90 | jeans: Charlotte Russe $5}

I was reading through some old posts the other day and  realized that almost every Monday post is slightly angry, depressing, and anti- that day of the week. I'm sad the weekend is over, I hate the weather, I'm tirrrrred. But today, on this lovely morning, I am turning over a new leaf... No more anti-Monday. This is big, people. You see, I figure if I can't get congress to pass the law I have been drafting to get rid of Monday's altogether, this is the next thing I can think to do, which is good, since I don't really know how to draft a law. All I have so far is, "Dear Congress, I propose that there be no more Mondays. I hate them. Sincerely, S." Also, if anyone has the address for congress, could you email me? Thx. 

In my attempt to banish my anti-Monday attitude, I have come up with what I consider to be the first step in beating the Monday blues: Wear something WAY cute. Like this amazing sweater from DownEast Basics that I am obsessed with. I love the assymetrical design and it is super cozy for a crisp morning drive to work, and HELLO!? Cardigan weather! What could be more dreamy? 

So, anyone who would like to join me on my attitude adjustment is welcome. It's not going to be easy. It's going to be a lot of work, probably some caffeine, chocolate, and/or lots of carbohydrates,  but I am sure it will only make us happier. So here we go!

Have a great Monday. Mondays are great. Right? Right? Right. 
xo, S