JSYK: Colorful Skirts Under Twelve Dollars!

So listen. This week's JSYK is a steeeeal, but it comes from China. For some people ordering stuff like this from a foreign land makes them nervous. For me, I say bring it on. Love Chinese food, love Chinese clothes. 

You see, I ordered my wedding dress online from an Chinese eBay site for less than $100 and it was perfection. Also, it came in a plastic bag wrapped in duct tape. Serious. You can't make this stuff up. Ever since, I love an international deal, and when it is this cheap the risk is low, and the payoff is high. Just look at this find: 

Cost for the maxi: $11 (Order HERE)
Cost for the knee length: $9 (Order HERE)
And shipping is free for both!

You'd be crazzzzy not to get a couple. JSYK.

PS. If you order, make sure you have a good slip. They are a little sheer on, but are SUPER cute.
PS2. We are not the sellers of these skirts. You can find details about the skirts at the links above.


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