JSYK: Buy One/Get One 50% off Merona by Target

Guys. In my old town I didn't have a Target. Then I moved. In my new town I do have a Target. Also, in other news, in my old town I had money. In my new town I don't. Odd, isn't it?

AH! TARGET, you temptress, you! I can't stand it. I'm addicted. When I walk in the doors I feel happy, and when I walk back out I feel sad. I am sick. I need a Target-addicts recovery program. But if there was one, I know I would never go because I would keep missing it by losing track of time while in Target. Help.

And today's JSYK is surely not going to help matters since right now all Merona by Target shoes and purses are buy one, get on 50% off. Yep, if that's not going to make a Target addict fall off the wagon, then I don't know what will. Take a look at a few of the pretties I am coveting:

So, ya. My name's W and I'm a Target addict. 
Now, it's been nice chatting, but there's somewhere, with a sale on purses/shoes I gotta be. JSYK.