Pinned/Tried/Loved It: Rolo Cookies

Guys. I did it. I moved across the country last week. Way. Crazy. But sometimes I think it's good to do tough things so we can see what we're made of. Turns out I've got some guts inside of me after all, gently cushioned by a few new pounds put on by the many Blizzards I ate on the drive to self medicate through it all.

I said I made it. I didn't say it was pretty.   

This morning I thought long and hard about what to wear so that I could put up a good, solid, outfit post today. Then, I realized the only shoes that would make the thing make sense were still at the deep, dark, bottom of a box somewhere in this new house and it just wasn't going to happen. Then I thought about fashioning some sort of collage showing clothes or something, but then I realized that I just moved across the county and I have a 2 month old, so the last time I have shopped for clothes online or in a store feels like a long time ago, and maybe I don't know what is cool anymore. I couldn't take risk, so guess what I did? I turned to the one thing I know will never fail me regardless of trends. It is a constant, like the sunrise in the morning, and that thing is baking. Cookies, specifically. Simple ones with 4 ingredients so I didn't have to dig out the flour and sodas and measuring spoons, cause who knows where the heck those are.

You've probably seen these Rolo cookies all over pinterest since that is how I discovered them and the recipe I used just happens to be from our friends over at Six Sisters' Stuff. I have wanted to try them out for awhile and it turns out that and they are just as simple, yet sinful as you would imagine. Perfect for nursing the overwhelmed, slightly homesick, really missing S, dazed, and tired feelings that come from a big life change, or just because it was Sunday night, and sometimes those just suck. This recipe is a gem, it'll cure what ails ya.

You're gonna need:

1/3 c of oil
2 eggs
1 box of Devil's Food cake mix
1 bag of Rolos

Then, just mix that goodness altogether, and tuck a Rolo inside a spoonful.

Bake for 8ish minutes at 350 degrees on a greased cookie sheet and you're set...and in heaven.   

Can't wait to tell you more about my new life on the East coast and start showing you what I'm wearing again! In the meantime, you know where to find me, elbow deep in Rolo cookies, or just Rolos. Sometimes those 8 minutes of baking time feel like an eternity.


PS. We are thinking of making this little post part of a new Pinned/Tried/Loved it series. Thoughts?

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PSSSS. Just checking if you're still reading. You are. Bless you.

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