Pinned/Tried/Loved It: Kitchen Table Re-Do

In getting ready to move and figuring out what we could/couldn't fit in 16 feet of truck, one of the things that didn't make the cut was our kitchen table. So, when we made it to Pennsylvania I needed a new dining set but didn't have a lot to spend. As a result, I turned once again to Pinterest for some inspiration on how to make it happen. After pinning my dining room vision like crazy, husband and I made a visit to Goodwill. What we ended up with was just under $30 of ghetto chairs and a beat up table. Here is the before:

Yep, I forgot to take a before of the table. Sorry for the weird stock photo, but you get the idea. What we have here is a scuffed top, terrible color of a table, and a set of chairs with looooovely pleather seat covers. However, thanks to Pinterest, I had concocted an idea of what what could become of these wayward pieces of furniture, and as I was putting together a kind of vision for my new little place, I kept finding myself pinning tables with bold table legs and tops, and all in a teal-ish blue, like these that I pinned: 
Pins: 1/2/3

So...that's what I knew I had to do. I didn't photograph the process of the makeover because really, all you'd see is me sanding and painting, then sanding and staining, since that's all I did. Sand/paint the legs, and sand/stain the chairs and table top so they look like they go together. However, I do have a money-saving tip or two that help us to complete this whole project for under $40. Notepads ready?

First, we got the leg color in a mixed sample from the paint department at Home Depot. It was around $3 which is the same as a can of spray paint, and you get to choose from such a HUGE amount of color options so you can find the perfect shade. Plus, there is a lot more in those samples then you think (we still have more than half left over), and the paint is a really high quality. I think I'll start having them make me samples for all of my craft projects from now on since there are so many options. Plus, I just like Home Depot. Makes me feel handy. Yep. Handy.

Next, we found our upholstery fabric in the clearance pile at JoAnn for $4 a yard. FOUR DOLLARS. Usually I can't find a pretty, heavy, upholstery fabric for under $10. Such a steal. Never, never leave the fabric store without checking that bargain pile, people. That is my new mantra. I may knit it on a pillow. Look for that DIY coming soon. is the finished product, sassy blue legs and all:  

Now you may be wondering, "W, what method did you use to recover those chairs?" Well, I'll tell you. I cut of the fabric, then I used a glue gun. Yes. I am in fact a craftsman.

Pretty cute, right? And here's how it breaks down:

Table: $12 (Thrifted)
Chairs: $13 (Thrifted)
Paint: $3.50
Stain: $3
Fabric: $8
Brushes: Free/Already had
Glue Gun: Free/Already had

Total= $39.50

Yep. Can't even eat dinner at Red Lobster with the hubs for that amount. I mean, maybe you can, but I need a coke, a  coconut shrimp appetizer, crab legs and something chocolatey for dessert when I go there, so ya...this table project is def cheaper.

And that, my friends, is another (p)inspired project, complete!
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