Well, hi there.

Guys. Do you remember me? W? 
The one who, a month ago yesterday, pushed a baby out of her body? 

The one who used to spend time headlessly blogging here with S, but now spends her time just plain headless, as in, I really think sometimes that I pushed my brain out along with the placenta? 

You see, I can't find the baby's pacifier, I can't find my other shoe, I missed the babe's dr appointment, I forgot to eat lunch, I forgot to call you back, I got out of the shower without washing my hair, I got out of the car with the keys still in the ignition, I only put on one earring, I only put sunless tanner on one leg, oh, and the cookies I put in the oven for a little late night feeding-the-baby snack? Yep. I forgot about those too. So ya, they're burned. 

But ya know what I do at times like these? I snuggle up with a soooooft, new, little baby boy, I throw away the burned cookies and turn to the bowl of cookie dough instead, and I decide my new life is way better than my old one. Who needs a fully functioning brain when you have a precious little babe around to distract everyone from the fact that you are mental, anyway? 

Yep, it's all workin for me. 

Sort of like this little number sent to me by the wooooonderful people at SexyModest Boutique. It is the cutest, pretty much like wearing a little hug from summer. And for someone with brain problems, it could not be easier to wear. I LOVE it. 

Dress: c/o SexyModest Boutique, Necklace: JCrew knockoff via eBay, 
Flats: Forever Young 13.00, Cardigan: ROSS 6.99

So what I'm trying to say is, thanks for your patience as I sort out my new headless life. Also, if you are baking cookies and they actually turn out not burned, feel free to bring them over. But don't call me first, I'll forget to call you back. Just sayin.


PS. DON'T forget to enter to win a $50 gift certificate to Panache! GOOO.