It's Monday

{Dress: thrifted $3 | Belt: thrifted $1 | Collar: $8.50 | Shoes: $30.90}

This is the outfit I wore yesterday. Sunday.
But today is Monday. And if you ask me, it really feels like a Monday.

Couldn't get out of bed this morning, had a bad hair day, lacking motivation at work, hungry an hour after eating breakfast, co-workers are buggin, feeling a little under-the-weather, really hate the outfit I picked out. Ya know. Monday stuff.

The good news is I only work three days this week. Then I am off to sunny St. George for sun-bathing, pool-soaking, mountain-hiking, BBQ-ing, and all the other fun stuff that you do there.

So this terrible Monday can eat my shorts.
There. I said it.

Have a great day!