Inspect your mirrors.

{dress: TJ Maxx, Gift | belt: TJ Maxx, $7.50 | sandals: Old Navy, $14.49}

Yesterday I realized that the full-length mirror in my bedroom, the one I have been using for the past five years, is majorly distorted. That's right, it has a convex shape, like a minor version of a funhouse mirror, that has caused me to look about seven sizes bigger than I actually am. How it took me five years to notice, I will never know.

But do you realize what this means? For five years I haven't known what I really look like.

I used to always have this problem where I would try on clothes in the store and love them, and then re-try them on again at home and hate them and return them. Now I know why. So, last night I bought myself a new, non-distorted mirror. And when I looked in it, it was weird. Because I looked a lot different.

All I can say is, inspect your mirrors. It's something I feel passionate about these days.


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