Crazy-Easy DIY Statement Necklace

I made a statement necklace in 10 minutes last week. With the new little babe around these sort of things have to be fast if I want to be any kind of crafty and shower too, and I really want to shower. Way bad. So, what I'm sayin is this DIY necklace is a quickie, anyone can make it, and I think it's super cute, too. 

I found a fantastic tutorial for a necklace like this here and fell in love. All you need are some crystal teardrop pendants (find them at Hobby Lobby for just a couple bucks), a fav nail polish color, a jewelry chain, and rings. Then, just paint one side of the pendants, let them dry and hook them to the chain however you want. Done. 

Afterward you'll have enough time to shower and become a contributing member of society again. Or at least be clean-ish while spending your day changing 50 billion diapers. That's glamour, folks.

 Later, I also wore the necklace, which was easy, too: 
T-shirt: Target 6.00, Skirt: Gift

Yep, easier than choosing toppings for a sundae...since obviously that's not even really a choice...just put everything on there. Duh.

Happy easy necklace making!

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