Due Date.

{Skirt: Kohls 9.99, Tank: ROSS 4.99, Cardi: OLD. Way. I think it used to be S's even.} 

Yep. It's here.
And is there any sign of baby boy? Nuh uh.

It's cool though. It would be a crying shame to give up waddling at this stage in the game when I have just gotten so freaking good at it, perfected the art of the waddle, even. So go ahead, baby. Stay in there. I'll just be here, getting my waddle on while you cook and cook.

In other news, if anyone out there knows any labor-inducing dances or spells,
now would be the time to perform them. Like, RIGHT now. Thx.

Happy Due Date day!
{...said NO sane pregnant woman ever, but we are trying to stay positive here, so go with it.}



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