{Cardigan: Maurices | Top: Kohls | Pants: Kohls | Flats: Payless
Can't remember the prices, but you know it was all cheap. So there.}

It's Monday. The weekend was too good. 
So, now the dilema is, what do I say on a bummer Monday morning? 

Let's see. Per my normal posting fare, you should know the weather is fine today so I have nothing to complain about. I don't have a baby in my belly, I didn't recently get bangs, nor do I have any other exciting events to share with you. Also, I haven't really even been shopping for a while, so I can't you show you my latest steal. So, I guess I should say right now it's weird but great just to be having a normal life, without bangs or babies or much out of the ordinary. I think I'll take that kind of life even though it doesn't lend itself well to blog fodder. 

However, I guess if things don't pick up soon I could start a rumor or something. Like that the real reason we aren't showing our faces is because one of us doesn't even have a face, it's just skin with holes poked in it, while the other one dated Justin Beiber for a little while which resulted in a lot of death threats which forced one of us into the witness protection program for our own Justin Beiber-loving safety.

Or you know, something like that. 

Oh yes, and I always love a good collage to liven up a Monday post. Like this one of the cool watercolor Vera Wang tops at Kohls that are all on sale right now, just like the one that I'm wearing. I love them. So fun and funky, and perfect for adding color to an outfit, or a Monday. 

Find them all here

So that's that. I did it. I posted on a Monday and it only hurt a little. 
Now you have a GREAT day. 
AND, don't forget to enter to win an extender slip here.