It's pretty much summer.

It's Tuesday, and I have the day off, and it's sunny and 80 degrees outside. Can you believe?? So, in celebration, I am going to go run errands as fast as I can, and then I am going to go spread out a blanket at the park and take a nap in the sun, and then maybe I will wake up and go home and make a tropical smoothie and drink it on my doorstep. Because it's pretty much summer.

And because it's pretty much summer, and because we don't have air conditioning (CURSE), I also plan to wear only clothes that are as light as possible. Otherwise, I get really hot and really mad, and there is no place for that in my summery dream day. So today I am avoiding all anger with this comfy lightweight dress that was such a steal and is total summer staple:

{Dress: F21 12.00 | Necklace: TJMaxx 8.00}

Here's to 80 degree days, and flowy dresses, and summer on its way!
Now, meet me at the park and we'll have popsicles.

Have a great day!