W's Baby Shower

I have a new hobby. It's called party planning. 

Okay, actually I have only done it once and that was for W's baby shower on Saturday. I literally obsessed over this shower for months, and I may or may not have shown symptoms of depression once it was all over (really), because that meant I didn't have a hobby anymore. 

The good news is we made sure to photograph it so I could continue to live vicariously through the memories that I made and the party that I created. Also, FYI, I did ask W to let me invite all of you. She said no. You can take that up with her. Now, on to the pictures:

Since my new-found hobby has come to an abrupt end, if you could give suggestions for new hobbies I should delve into, please share. It would help a lot.
Have a great day!

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