Yep, it's come to this. 

I now hereby declare that you will not see me in anything but leggings for the next 8 weeks. Because anything else makes me want to die. And because after I try putting on jeans I lose my breath so badly that I sound like I just scaled Everest. Same with putting on shoes. Come to think of it, doing pretty much everything makes me out of breath, except sitting, laying, and, you know, eating Chik-Fil-A. So I'll just stick with doing those three things. It's for my health. And the baby's too, obvi.

My mothering skills are already sooo on point. I'm gonna be real good at this, I got a feeling. 

Cardi: H&M 9.99, Dress: Old Navy 8.99, Leggings: Walmart 4.99, 
Boots: GoJane 9.99, Necklace: Kohls 5.00

Have a great Thursday, won't you? 

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