Hello Spring. Thank you for coming.

 {Sweater: Old Navy 16.99 | Skirt: Thrifted 4.00 | Shoes: Target 21.99}

Yesterday something really incredible happened.

I actually shaved my legs, I painted my toe nails, and for the first time in ages, I wore a skirt without tights to church. Because it was warm. And I wore sandals. And I didn't get cold. And I didn't get snow on my feet. And I didn't have to wear ten layers. I just put on my clothes, walked outside without feeling a chill, and went about my day. And there were pigs flying and I heard on the news that hell froze over. At least that is what I expected would happen because it was all too glorious to be real. But it WAS real because spring has come, at least for now, and I am very happy about it.

Like I said, really incredible.

Have a great day!
Hopefully it's a springy one wherever you are!