People like to talk about this thing called "pregnancy brain." I believe it exists. I will tell you why. 

Exhibit A: The other day I went to pour a drink into a cup. Now, in order for this action to be a successful endeavor, the cup should be right side up. However, I didn't realize that the cup was upside down until I was drenched from head to toe in milk ricochetting off the bottom of the cup. Boy, that was neat. 

Exhibit B: A few weeks ago I was changing my clothes when I discovered that I had on two pairs of underwear. TWO. One on top of the other. How this happened is the greatest mystery the world will ever know. 

Exhibit C: I was teaching a class on campus this week and was trying to say the word origins. But my mouth would only say oranges. No matter how much I stared at the word on my powerpoint slides and tried to say it right, oranges was all I could do. I tried saying the word louder and louder, like that would help the situation, but that just made me into a crazy pregnant lady screaming at a classroom of students about fruit. So I let class out early, and naturally, sat down and cried with a bottle of OJ. 

Luckily, there are some things that pregnancy brain can't take away from me. Such as floral prints. Color. Or, spring weather. And this is a good thing, because if people are going to think I am mental, I should at least get to wear all the bright colors I want. Mostly because they are cute. Only a little bit because I hope they will distract people from my cray-cray behavior. 

Cardi: ROSS 6.99, Top: Old Navy: 4.99, Jeans: ROSS 11.99, 
Belt: Kohls: Can't remember?, Necklace: Kohls: 8.00, Shoes: UrbanOG 29.00

Have a GREAT Thursday!

your friend with the brain problems,