Thanks, Presidents.

Oh, how I love the president's on the 3rd Monday of February. I am currently celebrating the men who led our country by eating a brownie in my robe, which, I'm pretty sure, is how they would've wanted to be honored. 

I also tried to dress like first lady Michelle Obama yesterday in honor of today, because although the politics of those in office may divide us, good clothes will always bring us back together. And Michelle Obama wears gooooood clothes. Yep, that lady loves her stripes, flats, fun dresses/skirts, and sassy belts. God Bless America. 

And, here is my Michelle Obama inspired outfit for this, the day of the president's: 

Dress: ROSS 7.99, Cardi: Old Navy 8.99, Belt: F21 3.99, Tights: F21 2.50, 
Flats: ROSS 8.99 Necklace: Kohls 8.00

Have a great President's Day!