I LOVE love month!


No more gloomy, freeeezing January. No more sad bummer month after the holidays. And we pretty much can just stop going to the gym, and trying to save money, and working on being a better person now, since we could all care less about those new year's resolutions once that lame January is over! Just give it up people! We're freeeeeeeeee! Yep, bring on the chocolate, and financial irresponsibility, and pink and red and hearts! What a happy day. 

And I just so happen to be wearing a red dress in today's post, perfect for the kickoff to love month. Take a gander: 

{Dress: Old Navy $15, Blazer: Gift, Belt: Kohls 7.99, Leggings: Kohls 4.99, Boots: F21 21.99}

Why yes, I am 27 weeks prego these days. Thanks for asking. 

And, now that that yuck of a month is over, I think you should read this list of 20 new years resolutions we should actually do. It's funny. And true. And I can actually get on board with them, since none of them require me to put on spandex and mount an elliptical. 

That's really all. 
Loves. ox/W. 

PS. TODAY is the LAST day to enter! If your new year's resolution was to not procrastinate then you have already failed. 
You're not fooling anybody. Just enter already.