THE dress.

Have you guys ever owned an item of clothing that is your fall back on days that you want to look pretty without having to try to look pretty? One that feels a lot like PJ's, but is really a pretty-colored, easily accessorized, non-wrinkling, body-lengthening, waist-accentuating piece of clothing? Well, I found one of those items back in December and I made my husband buy it for me for Christmas and I wear that sucker so much. If I'm being honest with myself, I would truly wear it every day if I could. Wearing it and feeling so good makes me feel passionately that everyone deserves something like this in their closet.

This is what mine looks like. There's just not much to it, and that's how I like it:

 {dress: gift from husband purchased at Old Navy, belt: Violet Hill Boutique}

I mean, come on. I throw this bad boy on and I feel like a million bucks, even though it essentially is just a jersey floor length mu-mu with a belt around it. Genius. It's starting to make me think it has some kind of has magical power, but I'm just not going to question it. Is there anything better? Do you have a go-to piece like my dress? Please share.

Have a great Tuesday!