The "business casual" dilemma.

A little while ago one of you asked us for some new and fresh ideas for clothes to wear in a business casual work environment. Now listen, when I hear the words "business casual," I automatically think of drab neutral tones, absolutely zero shape, and heaven forbid a pattern lets itself be seen. Pretty much a major bore alert.

So, because we know it can get old wearing a button up shirt and slacks everyday, and because you deserve to feel like a babe even when you have to follow a business causal dress code, we have compiled a little collection of must-have items you can use to mix up your work-wear wardrobe and to give you that extra oomph we all need every now and then. Or every day. Whichever. Here we go.

{tights, necklace, blazer, pants, dress, skirt, belt}

Here are the keys to wearing these items:

Here is how I did it recently, using the colored blazer, statement necklace, and skinny trousers:

Have a great day!

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