Blue Shoes.

Things I was thinking about writing about this morning: 

The sad, sad, Jazz game last night.
Two words: Downton Abbey.
Potato chips. Salt and Vinegar, specifically.
S pulling off wearing liquid leggings yesterday. HOT. 
What I should eat for breakfast.
The fact that Punxsutawney Phil is real a dummy. 
A discourse on why Peeps still exist. (There are V-day ones now. Heart Peeps. Still gross.) 
Whether or not it is ok to include an HD TV on my baby registry.
How happy I am that someone got some brains and got T. Swift away from Les Mis
The superbowl. And by the superbowl I mean, nachos. 
The fact that there is a baby in my tummy that's gotta come out somehow, sometime. WTH?
What the deal is with evil Cortney's lips on the Bachelor.
Why these hats are cool. 
Things with peanut butter in them. 

And while my list was obviously full of stellar material, I've decided instead to keep it simple, like this cute little outfit S wore a couple of days ago with my favorite blue shoes. Which reminds me, blue shoes were also on the tentative list of what to write about, so there, this is a post about blue shoes. 

Pants: $2 Old Navy, Shirt: $4 Thrifted, Sweater: $8.99 Old Navy, Shoes: 18.99 Payless

She's lookin pretty cute, huh? Yes, indeed. 
And, in an attempt to continue to stay on theme, and have a post 
with any consistency whatsoever, those blue shoes are cool. 
The end. 


AND...the winner of the highly coveted stack ring from B&G Jewelry is....

Lexie HanksCollapse
I'm a follower! And I love the Peruvian Opal necklace, so simple and classy!

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And BIG thanks to all who entered!!

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