The Tale of the Sweater Robe.

I wore this to work yesterday. It's essentially jammies with a robe over them when you think about it, and I am all about making people think I am dressed up when really I could go to bed in these clothes, so I tossed this sucker on for work and never looked back. 

Everything was going fine until I had to use the bathroom during a lunch date with S, and I was struggling to get my robe/sweater straightened out when my earring fell into the toilet. Then I stuck my hand in there. Then I realized the earring was not worth sticking my hand in a PUBLIC toilet. Then my hand was already in there, so I fished out the earring. Then I proceeded to the sink where I scrubbed my arm for 10 minutes and attempted to give myself a 2nd degree burn to get the toilet off my skin. Then I had to walk out and explain to S why I had been in the bathroom for 25 minutes. Then she didn't want to touch me ever again. 

To be honest, it could have been worse. I'm surprised my arm still looks the same today, and that it hasn't mutated into some kind of swamp creature appendage. Tender mercies, I'd say. 

The moral of this story? Maybe thinking you are an extra smart prego who can fool your coworkers into thinking you are dressed up, when you are pretty much wearing lounge-wear, doesn't always pay off. Maybe it will lead to being elbow deep in toilet water over a $3 earring from Claire's, wondering if the comfort was really worth the cost. Let my harrowing tale be a lesson to you. Just put on a blazer instead of the sweater/robe if your day means you have to, ya know, use your brain or the restroom. Just sayin.

Sweater: Gift (F21), Lace top: Charlotte Russe 9.99, Pants: ROSS 6.99, Flats: Target 3.99

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