Poll Results.

First off, we can't thank you all enough for sharing your input on the poll post. We got some of the best responses ever. And we laughed so so hard. Here are a couple faves:

Top Knots-cute with the right outfit but most of the girls I see wearing the top knot are the same girls who go to the grocery store in their pajamas and slippers. For this reason it makes me think of dirty girls. And by dirty I really mean stinky.

Liquid Leggings: Only if you weigh 12lbs. But if you do, fashion is the least of your worries.

I'm indifferent to the combat boots. They just feel really grungy to me, like I should be listening to Nirvana. 

I just can't get into over-the-knee boots. Perhaps I could if they were a slouchier pair (like the pair Blake Lively/Serena van der Woodsen is wearing) that I wore with black leggings and an oversized sweater or tunic. Most of the time, however, I associate them with prostitutes. Just look at Hayden Panettiere. She looks like a hooker. Sorry, Hayden. I'm just being honest.

Combat boots: unless you are literally in combat, I'd have to say no.

Poncho: a less obnoxious poncho? A hesitant yes. The one in the picture? eek gasp my-eyes-are-burning NO.

The top knot is something girls wear in the South when they are going to Walmart in a campus sweatshirt, VS Pink shorts/pants, and UGG boots. No lie.

Boots...depends on what they look like. Blake Lively is the only one that had cute ones out of those five. Anne, are those boots or footie pants?


Yep, perfection. 

Now let's look at each item one more time. As far as our opinions go, we are kinda on the "it depends"  side of all of them, so we are going to share how we think each item should be worn. We feel sort of the way about each item as we do about hot dogs. If it's done right, it's delish, but it's gotta be done real right. So here we go:

Poll results:
Yes- 36%
No- 25%
Depends- 39%
How we think they should be worn:
Brown combat boots tend to be a little softer than black, and as long as they are minimally chunky with a minimally round toe we think they have the potential to be cute. Sassy Lauren from Awkward Girls does it right in our opinion, don't you think?:

Poll results:

Yes- 60%

No- 18%
Depends- 22%
How we think they should be worn:
This is tough because neither of us have long enough hair to actually do the top knot. But. We do think wearers of the top knot should avoid wearing them too often, wearing them right on top of their head, and making them too messy. Take notes from Kristine, who wears it perfectly.

Poll results:
Yes- 12%
No- 44%
Depends- 44%
How we think it should be worn: 
Or do we think it should be worn? Pry not. Since every pic I could find of a person wearing one was of a Kardashian who just so happened to have paired it with liquid leggings and over the knee boots. Not even kidding. They just make me feel like you cut a hole for your head in the blanket you brought home from a trip to Tijuana. This is kinda cute though: 

Poll results:
Yes- 9%
No- 74%
Depends- 17%
How we think they should be worn:
Wear with a long shirt, dress, over-sized chunky sweater, or jacket to cover your backside and make these babies more modest. Pair them with cozy tops and flats to balance out their boldness. It can work. See?:

Poll results:
Yes- 31%
No- 22%
Depends- 47%
How we think they should be worn.
No heels allowed on these bad boys, or else, as one commenter so lovingly put it: "they feel sorta hookerish."  However, we do love an over-the-knee riding boot a lot. 

{Pink Peonies}

And that brings us to the end of another successful poll, friends!

Thanks again for all of your input! Can't wait to see what wacked-out stuff the fashion world will be coming up with next that we can ridicule! In the meantime, let us know if you take on any of these trends, we love a good risk taker!

XO-S & W