Let's make it official.

I know that the new year is pretty much old news at this point, but I just had to tell you about what I did on New Years Eve. Because it was AWESOME.

Yes, my husband and I hung out with my parents all night at home. That's me, hub, mom, dad.

Yes, we were in bed promptly at 12:10 am.

And yes, regardless of what I was doing or who I was doing it with, I had to wear sparkles for the occasion. To make it official you know? I mean, 2012 probably wouldn't have even come had I not donned my sequined tank. Just sayin. You're welcome 2012 and all of humanity.

That's the truth. See for yourself.

{sweater: F21 gift, sequin tank: Ross 7.99, leggings: Kohls 10.99, boots: Pacsun 14.99}

You may now proceed to tell me all about the fancy parties you attended to ring in the new year. It's pretty obvi that I could use some pointers for 2013.

Happy sparkly New Year!!
Have a great day!