The Lazy Girl's DIY Ruffle Cardi.

Over the weekend I had to wear purple and grey to be a bridesmaid in a lovely little wedding. I had the dress, but I needed to dress it up. The night before the wedding I still hadn't found the perfect little cardi to complete my outfit, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and took a quick trip to JoAnn for supplies. Then I came home and proceeded to create the laaaazzziest ruffle cardi from an old and bored cardigan hanging in my closet. No sew. No sweat. $4. Here's how:

1. Find an unused cardi in your closet, or run on over and thrift one.
2. Get your supplies. I used a glue gun, FABRIC glue sticks (very important if you ever want to wash your sweater :)) some sheer-ish chiffon, and some matching lace. 
3. Cut 3 strips of fabric, each one a little bigger than the one before.
4. Fold in half and press.
5. Glue to sweater, the first strip closest to the edge, folding to create ruffles as you go.
6. Glue the next strip behind the first, gluing it right up next to it, and folding for ruffles. Repeat. 
7. Glue the lace over the glued edge of the first ruffle to cover the edge, glue marks, etc. 
8. Snip up your ruffles to rough them up a little and give some fun movement. 
The End. 

Here's my finished ruffled cardigan. Could not have been easier for a 24-week prego:   

Sweater: DIY, Belt: Target 4.99, Dress, Tights: Walmart 3.99, Shoes: Old Navy 8.99

I would marry a glue gun if it were legal. 
And if it didn't burn the crap out of me every time I tried to show it how much I love it. Crafter problems.

Happy Lazy DIY-ing!

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