I heart it.

The bright and shiny feelings of the holidays have now turned into a big ol' pile of rusty and dull ones around here. My office just isn't as appealing to spend time in without the comfy cushion of knowing that a long Christmas break is on its way {it was fabulous BTW, thanks for asking} but we have to soldier on, because how will we ever make it to that Martin Luther King Jr. 3-day-weekend on the horizon if we don't? Yes, we must be strong, arm ourselves with Diet Coke and the knowledge that at least a new season of 30 Rock starts this week, and press forward. 

Another way I like to numb the pain of the loss of holiday afterglow? Saving every new clothing item I got from Santa until it's back to work time so that I have something to wake up for. Superficial? Yes. But rolling a prego body out of bed after a week of sleeping in and pie for lunch isn't pretty, so if it takes a new cardi to make it happen, so be it. This one I wore yesterday is one of my favorites. I will buy anything with hearts on them these days since they just make everything cuter. I'm going to cause major calamities in every Valentines candy isle this year as a result of my heart admiration, I can tell. 

Cardi: F21 gift, Top: Charlotte Russe 9.99, Jeans: ROSS 7.99, Boots: F21 21.99, Belt: F21 2.99

Needing some pretty little heart things in your closet? 
Here are a few I am loving, all at 29.99 or lots less: 

Wrap, Flats, Scarf, Mittens, Sweater, Necklace

Hope you 'heart'ily enjoy your Wednesday! 
Yep, I had to.