As you probably guessed, I am THE most excited about W's babe on the way. I can hardly stand it. It's the first baby in our family, so we are all freaking, and I know it's going to be the cutest thing ever. I will DEFINITELY be THE greatest aunt and W is going to be an amazing mother, This I know to be true because she has kinda been a second mom for me. She is the trailblazer in our family, she does everything first: college, marriage, parenthood, etc. and then we all follow shortly after and she tells us how to do it the right way. I could not be more grateful for her example and all that she has taught me. She is the best. 

And just like I love W, the trailblazer, I love this dress that the FABULOUS eShakti sent me last week. I think they are trailblazing in their own way, and it's changing my life. Case-in-point: the original version of my dress below.

So darling with a cardigan and tights, right? Of course. But get this, eShakti can customize their dresses. So guess what I did? I added some sleeves, and a little bit of length to the bottom to make it just exactly what I wanted and needed so it could be as wearable as possible. Here is what it turned into:


I am completely in love with it. The way it flows, the side ruffle, the colors, the shape. It's perfect. All I can say is thank you eShakti, for your trailblazing in the realm of customizable clothing to fit all shapes, sizes, preferences, and styles. I am totally smitten.

AND eShatki is giving Pretty Life readers $20 off their purchase between now and December 31st! Get that PERFECT Christmas party dress for $20 off!! Just use the code: PRETTYLIFE0811 at checkout. Happy Shopping!!!

Have a great Tuesday!