So, this whole being a fashion blogger in December in Utah is really turning out to be a great success. 
First, I stepped outside to take outfit pics and was greeted by a mini-blizzard:

So, to keep from getting frost-bitten I decided to come inside and take a couple quickie's by the Christmas tree instead. I self timed a couple of those suckers, threw my camera in my bag, and didn't check the quality since I needed extra time on my drive to work to focus on not dying on the snowy roads. Then, when I loaded by memory card into my computer I was greeted by a couple of fuzz-tastic little beauts: 

Skirt: Target 9.99, Tank: Walmart 4.00, Cardi: TJMaxx 12.99, Tights: Kohls $5.99, 
Boots: MakeMeChic 19.99, Necklace: F21 6.00

At least you can make out the fact that I am wearing clothes of some kind, 
and that I am indeed, still good and prego, so there's that. Thanks camera!

If I was a really good blogger, I would've just forgone using these pictures at all and created some kind of 
Christmas wishlist or something, but I'm not that good, and it's like 4 days until Christmas and things
 are getting REAL around here, so yep, this is my post today. Judge me.

Luckily, there is always a video like this that may help redeem things: 

And although, yes, this video was probably even sweeter last year when the two of those cuties were still engaged, if there's anything we've learned from today's post it's that you can't have it all. At least in the celebrity engagement and fashion blogging business, that is.

However, in the Christmas candy business, which I am planning to become a big investor in in about 30 seconds, you CAN have it all. So you know, win some, lose some.