This Week.

First, will you judge me if I start to only post pictures now with my hands on my hips in order to make it look like I still have a waist at 20 weeks pregnant? Good, because this is happening. 

Second, will you judge me if I told you that this week is finals week, and in order to survive it I plan to eat my weight in a heavy rotation of Chik-fil-a and fudge? Good, because it's going to happen. 

Yes, it could be a rough one around here this week. It's cold, it's finals, it's soooo close to a Christmas break, yet so far, and it's gonna take some diet coke, stamina, and Amy Grant's epic 1983 Christmas music masterpiece, "A Christmas Album," to get through. That album is bomb. 

Also, I plan to use wearing of color as a survival mechanism to show those Professors that while they are trying to make my life bleak and colorless, it's not gonna work. Case in point: 

Why yes, I am wearing every color of the rainbow, Professor.
I hope it burns your eyes behind those fancy nerd glasses of yours. 

 Skirt: Thrifted $3, Blouse: Old Navy $6, Sweater: Old Navy $3.99, 
Tights: Target $5, Boots: MakeMeChic 19.99

Happy finals week everyone!
And if you don't have finals, happy reminder that you-are-so-lucky-not-be-a student-week!