It's beginning to look a lot like...well, you know.

It's DECEMBER! And I am thrilled. To be honest I sorta thought it was December for days now, but now that it's actually the correct month to be a crazy Christmas lady, I couldn't be more pleased. I've got the Carpenter's Christmas on repeat, I've got the tree up along with about 7 different nativity sets, and I've got fudge making all lined up for this weekend. What a glorious time of year, I tell ya, just glorious. 

And today we've got a couple little snapshots of S and I's trees, and, you guessed it, ALL of our tree stuff is CHEAP. Both trees are hand-me-downs, and the vast majority of the ornaments you'll find on our trees are either handmade or from our local dollar store. Yep, it's all about affordable accessories around here, and our Christmas trees are no exception. Tree-mother, like tree-daughter, or whatever. 

Here is S's stunning gold and red tree: 

And some more sparkly DIY or dollar store things around our houses:

And here is my red, lime, and silver tree: 

Ooooh, it's magical. 
Happy December, friends! It's finally here!!

Is your tree up in a blog post? 
Make sure and leave a link to your site so we can see!