First things first...you all could not have been sweeter about my little announcement. I appreciate it. Lots. And although I write a clothing blog and have absolutely no clue what I should be putting on my body right now, your support in my figuring it out as this little babe grows means a lot. So there, consider yourself thanked. 

Next, this dress. It's so lovely:

This was the little number I picked out from eShatki, and like S, this one was sleeveless and short on the site, so they added some sleeves and another tier of skirt for me, and voila! A perfectly modest, perfectly pretty, little army-green number was born.

And...I LOVE it. It's flowly, and fancy, and makes me feel like I stepped into the 50's or something. And Bing Crosby is there, serenading me with a little 'White Christmas' at some fancy club, and then I'll be all, "Sorry Bing, I can't go dancing with you. You see, I'm married, and with child, and from the future." And he'll be all, "Too bad...that sure is a pretty dress though." And I'll be like, "Golly, thanks, Bing" (since I'm pretty sure they said 'golly' back then), but he'll be long gone before he can hear me since he wants to get away as fast as he can from the wacked out pregnant lady who says she is from the future.

Now what I'm trying to say is that I couldn't be more pleased with my lovely eShatki dress. It's a new favorite. I will now pose for you in it: 

Dress: c/o eShatki, Belt: Kohls: $7.00, Shoes: ROSS 12.99, Tights: Target 7.99

And don't forget, until December 31st, all PLA readers can get $20 off their eShatki purchase! 
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