Boy, oh BOY!

I wore this shirt in honor of my day yesterday: finding out if the babe is a he or a she! I felt like this top showed equal support toward either side, a bluish top with pinkish dots, but then it was freezing so I put on a bluish blazer. That really tipped the scales apparently, because it's a little boy in there! I can only imagine what would have happened had I worn the pink Elle Woods number I had laid out originally, luckily my cat wasn't cooperating with the dog part of the outfit, so I opted for something else. 

I am THRILLED to be having a boy. He is SO cute, I saw his little smashed up face on the 4d ultrasound, and knew immediately that he is gonna be a heart breaker. Unfortunately, this does end my dreams for a little while of carrying on the rich Utah tradition of putting a baby girl in a headband with plastic daisies bigger than their faces, but I guess that will always be there. 

Blazer: Thrifted $5, Top: F21 $18.99, Jeans: Old Navy $6.99, Boots: F21 21.99

Today I will be celebrating baby boy with a hamburger or two. I have to. Boys will be boys.