You're the Bomb.

Things that are the bomb:

-When people say "For your FYI." I don't know why, but this just brings me pleasure. 

-The day before a big snow storm when it is sooo weirdly warm, like today. Nevermind the snowy carnage that is sure to ensue tomorrow, today it is nice and balmy. Denial is the name of the game in snow country, folks. 

-This book. I DIE. And I have a copy on my Kindle, but I liked it so much that I bought a hard copy just so that it would be easier to lend to my non-Kindle people and then I could talk to them about it. SO good. 

-The sound of a Diet Coke opening. 

-Space heater under my desk. It's like a hug for your feets. 

-Food shaped like things. Tis the season ya'll, and I am super onboard with vegi trays in the shape of turkeys and bread in the shape of candy canes. Bring it. 

-People who still say "that's the bomb!" They are my kindred. 

-Bomber jackets. Just about the easiest thing in the world to throw on and bring sass to an outfit. Like this one, for instance: 

Jacket: ROSS 14.99, Shirt: Gap 9.99, Scarf: ROSS 7.99, Jeans: Gap 14.99, Shoes: TOMS

Wanna be the bomb too? 
Here are a couple of little bombers I dug up all for $30 or under: 

Pink: F21 29.80, Tan: Delias 24.50, Grey: JCPenney 29.99, Black: Charlotte Russe 29.99

I now challenge you to go and tell someone they are the bomb. It will surely make their day. Saying "you GO girl!" will also suffice. Happy Thursday.