Thanksgiving, scarves, lots of fun, etc.

Although W may be struggling to divulge her Thanksgiving details to you since she is currently wallowing in denial, I am having no such trouble. My Thanksgiving was BOMB, and I would like to relive with you, would you like to hear? Well, good.

For Thanksgiving, husband and I went out of town to visit family and we stayed in a hotel, which turned out to be the greatest thing EVER since it made it feel like we were on a fancy vacation even though we were only 90 minutes away from home. On top of that we got upgraded to a suite just because the front desk lady was so nice, and that meant there was a JACUZZI in the MIDDLE of the freaking family room. AMAZE. So, we had bubble baths every day, sometimes twice a day, and I now know for certain that jacuzzi's are somethin to be thankful for.

And of course we ate so much delicious food and went many fun places and did many fun things, and did it all with family which makes it even better. We really sent out Thanksgiving and brought in Christmas with a bang, and I loved it. We made Christmas decorations, we made food, AND we made these scarves, which turned out to be easy easy easy and way cute. You can see one on my INSANELY fashionable sister-in-law J, who we are so pleased to have gracing the blog with her amazing style, here:

Isn't she fabulous?
She is not afraid of colors or patterns or anything, and I LOVE that.

Just think of all the color combos you could make of these scarves and wear pretty much every day. So fun, right?

I hope all of your Thanksgiving's were as good as mine and that you are having fun getting ready for the next one! AND to hopefully add even more joy to someone's holiday season, let us announce the winner of the Shabby Apple necklace giveaway!!

The lucky winner is.... KaraB! who said:

Congratulations Kara! Email us at and we will work out the details.

As for the rest of you, have a great Tuesday!